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If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.
- Ignacio Estrada


High Academic Standards & Small Class Sizes


As a Secondary preparatory school, PCE's emphasis on excellence starts with a sound academic curriculum, taught by qualified faculty. Leveraging our deep understanding of how each child grows and learns differently, we set the bar high and we get results in preparing students for a bright future in secondary school.


PCE uses a Differentiated Instruction approach to proactively transform instruction, learning activities, and student outcomes to maximize each student's growth and success by meeting their individual learning needs. 

With limited class sizes and educational assistants, teachers focus on students’ specific needs, through regular monitoring of performance and adaptation to students’ learning styles.


As a team, Pathway's faculty are committed to ensuring our students’ academic and social success.

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We believe that children can best acquire a rich body of knowledge and the skills needed for future learning through a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and that builds upon itself year by year. It is our hope that our curriculum is an expression of our Pathway's mission, which is to practice the core values of the school: respect, tolerance, integrity, and excellence and to inspire a love of learning, build self-confidence, and to foster in our students the ability and desire to contribute to their community.

We are inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. We are a Secondary Preparatory School with a focus

on academics and individualized learning. A PCE education prepares students for

University and beyond. It is our quest to support our students with a learning

environment where they can work to their highest potential - in the way that they learn. ​

We believe in providing a higher standard of education so that the children we teach today will be inspired and empowered to do great things in the future. The value of education is something that is understood by professionals in the business community. This understanding often leads families to look for a higher standard of education for their children. Families make a conscious choice to attend PCE and we honour that decision by sharing their goals of high standards of education, a balanced approach to academics and the development of great work and life habits.

Subjects will be directed in Mathematics, Language, Science & Technology (Including S.T.E.M. projects, typing and coding.), Arts, Social Studies, Geography and Health and Physical Education.

Emotional, Social, Physical & Cognitive


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