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Our Uniform

The uniform is intended to reduce competition in fashion, minimize clothing costs and equalize the economic playing field for our students and their families. It is the official policy of Pathways Centre for Education Private School that all students support and wear a school uniform during the school day.


The school day is inclusive of arriving at school and leaving school to go home at the designated time.

Expected Uniform (Boys and Girls)


  • Grey Uniform Basics pants only. The pant should only be the approved uniform supplier, worn at full length (not rolled, folder or altered in any way)

  • White long sleeved or short sleeved polo shirt with school monogram 

  • Grey Uniform Basics Walking Shorts

  • Grey Uniform Basics Tunic

  • Grey Uniform Basics Skort

  • Navy Uniform Basics Pullover Sweater, Vest or Cardigan with school monogram

  • Solid black shoes with no other colours or markings and a fully enclosed heel counter with solid black shoelaces

The full Dress Code Policy can be downloaded here.

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