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Ready, Set, Kinder! Is a kindergarten readiness program designed specifically for children entering school for the first time. Our program addresses the following areas:

1. Cognitive Development:

Introduction to basic concepts in literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving. Early exposure to these concepts lays a foundation for academic success. 


2. Social Skills:

Children learn to interact with peers and adults outside their family. They develop important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperating with others. 

3. Emotional Development:

Attending a structured environment helps children learn to manage their emotions and develop self-regulation skills. They gain confidence and independence, which are essential for future learning. 

4. Language Development:

Exposure to a rich language environment. They enhance vocabulary, listening skills, and the ability to express themselves, which are critical for effective communication. 

5. Physical Development:

Activities promote fine and gross motor skills. Children engage in play that improves coordination, balance, and overall physical health. 

6. Routine and Structure:

Introduction to a routine and structure similar to what they will encounter in kindergarten and beyond. This helps them adjust to the school environment and expectations. 

7. Learning Behaviors:

Children develop positive learning behaviors such as curiosity, persistence, and attention. These behaviors are essential for lifelong learning and academic success. 

8. Exposure to Diversity:

Preamble to diverse cultures, ideas, and perspectives. This fosters inclusivity and helps them develop respect and understanding for others.

 9. Parental Involvement:

Encourages parental involvement, which reinforces the child's learning and development at home. It also helps parents understand their child's developmental needs and how to support them. 


10. Preparation for School:

Preparation for the academic and social demands of kindergarten. They enter school with a sense of readiness and confidence that can lead to better long-term educational outcomes. 


The Ready, Set, Kinder! program provides a comprehensive foundation that supports the holistic development of children, preparing them for future academic and personal success.

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It's time to register for Kindergarten!


Pathways has already begun registering children for Kindergarten for the new school year. We look forward to learning and growing with you and your child! In the meantime, explore our Kindergarten page for information, activities and resources.  Visit our registration page for information on how to register using the online registration application. Upon completion of the online form, the school will contact you to finalize the registration. 

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