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Is your child turning FOUR in 2024? If so, it is time to register for Kindergarten!


Pathways has already begun registering children for Kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year. Visit our registration page for information on how to register using the online registration application. Upon completion of the online form, the school will contact you to finalize the registration. 

We look forward to learning and growing with you and your child! In the meantime, please explore the activities and resources on this page that will give you and your child an idea of what to expect when your journey with Pathways begins! 

Kindergarten Program

Play-Based Learning in Kindergarten

In a play-based learning environment, we view children as competent learners, capable of complex thinking, curious and full of potential. Play-based learning builds on the varied experiences of each child. 


In Kindergarten, children have the opportunity to learn by:

  • exploring ideas and language

  • manipulating objects

  • experimenting with a variety of open-ended materials​

  • acting out roles


These experiences expand each child’s natural creativity, inquiry, and imagination. They develop:

  • problem-solving

  • abstract reasoning

  • critical thinking

  • collaboration

  • communication skills


As children and educators engage in play-based learning together, the foundations of early literacy and mathematics are built. Educators observe, listen, question, and guide children to promote their growth as independent learners.

Click here to review information about Kindergarten Curriculum expectations.

Download our Welcome to Kindergarten Package here.

The Educator Team

Kindergarten programs have an educator team comprised of a teacher and an early childhood educator. The team of educators have the benefit of a collaborative and reflective partnership. Educator team members have complementary skills that enable them to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that supports the unique needs of each child (Kindergarten Program, 2016).

How do we register for Kindergarten?

Registration is now open for September. Click here to get started. 

What documents do we need for registration?

Birthdate Documentation: Proof of birthdate (original Canadian birth certificate, Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card/Record of Landing, or Statement of Live Birth – long version).

Residential Address: Proof of your child's address.

Below is a list of appropriate pieces of documentation that a parent/guardian may present to verify address:

- property tax assessment
- lease/rental agreement
- ownership title
- proof of purchase agreement for the primary residence
- utility bill in the name of the parent(s)/guardian(s)
- letter of residency
- statutory declaration

Record of Immunization: A record of immunization is also requested to assist the District Health Unit in meeting its requirement under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) to collect and maintain immunization records for every child registered in school. For further immunization details, contact the York Region Health Unit.

Can you tell me more about the Kindergarten Program?

Kindergarten is a play-based educational program where children explore, discover, and learn about the world around them. It is our aim to engage children’s curiosity, imagination, creativity, and help them develop a love of learning. The full Kindergarten curriculum can be found on the Ministry's website

Ready, Set, Kinder! Kindergarten Readiness Program

​Ready, Set, Kinder! Is a Kindergarten readiness program designed specifically for children entering school for the first time. Learn more here.

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