Why Private Education?

  • Specialized teachers, lower student-teacher ratios and involvement of parents as partners in education with our school, means close, individualized attention for each student, resulting in better outcomes.

  • Our teachers have the freedom to pursue innovative approaches to learning and collaborating that simply doesn’t exist outside the independent school community.

  • As an independent school, Pathways Centre for Education employs the most cutting edge technologies that enable vast learning, and literacy in this area is a fundamental driver of success in a knowledge economy.

  • We cannot underestimate the value of happiness as it relates to success, especially at these critical learning stages of a child’s life. Creating a lively community of discovery, joy, spirit and respect is the underpinning of PCE.

  • Innovation, creativity, technological wizardry, collaborative leadership, global connection, and trans-disciplinary skills are among a few of the major drivers of success for today’s professional. Independent schools are in the unique position of being able to lead the changes required of our education system to accommodate a new kind of thinking for a new kind of world.

Private schools offer college preparation and love of academics


Schools’ first priority is academic excellence. Teachers are hired for their qualifications, commitment, and love of teaching. Private schools hire teachers who will be working more intently with fewer students than their public school counterparts. Private schools offer smaller class sizes and better student –teacher ratios. The lower student-teacher ratios promote more interaction..

This attentiveness and individual interaction can make a difference in the lives of students who look to teachers as role models, not only in learning but in attitudes toward life.

How does the teacher set rules and apply leadership, fairness, and discipline? How does the teacher encourage study, exploration, higher-order thinking, self-expression, and involvement?

These behaviors can have an imprinting effect on students as they grow from year to year, learning to emulate attitudes and values they see in teachers.

Teachers can have a strong influence on student behaviors like self-image and self-confidence. They encourage academic excellence and recognize academic achievement.

Students at private schools have a better chance of attending college and post-college and going on to have professional careers. Many private schools are called “college prep” schools, and there is a reason for that.

To the extent that your child may want to become a professional, a private school might just be the best way to launch such a career.

Does PCE follow the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum?

The Ontario Ministry of Education provides a curricular guide that serves as a base line for planning at Pathways. While there are some intellectual developmental realities that limit how far and how fast students can be challenged, Pathway's history with Autism Unplugged Learning Centre's education programming has consistently exceeded those expectations set out by the Province.


Pathways Centre for Education was founded on the premise that we can do better. Every child should be provided the opportunity for a strong educational foundation; to thrive and learn to their greatest potential in the way that they learn. Not all children will have the same path or learn in the same way. However, it is our goal to exceed the Provincial expectations and set a standard for all children to live their lives to their full potential. 


While academic inspection by the Ministry of Education is necessary to award the Ontario Secondary School diploma, the Ministry of Education does not have any function in the funding or oversight of the “business” side of an independent school.

What kind of Education/Training do your Teachers have?

While independent schools are not required to have Ontario certified teachers for every subject, the vast majority of teachers in independent schools do have teaching certifications and those who do not, often have a specific talent or skill that brings an advantage to their instruction of students.

Our comprehensive service team includes decades of management and supervision training, Ontario Certified Teachers with Master of Education, Disability Studies graduate level degrees and ABA/IBI Behavior Therapists/Educational Assistants.

Many people feel that independent schools are for the “elite”. What does the demographic of families in an independent school like PCE look like?

There is a great deal of misinformation and distortion about the demographics of families in the independent school system. Of course, there are families with greater financial resources than others, but that is equally true in the public school system. 

The demographic of most independent schools, is middle-class hard-working professionals and entrepreneurs who understand the value of an excellent education and who want their children to develop good work habits and respectful behaviours.