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Providing every student with a path to academic success requires a revolution in what we do. - Jeffrey Benson

Why Parents Choose Pathways...

At Pathways, we believe a strength based classroom is a place where students with all sorts of labels come together as equals to form a new type of learning environment. 

  • 11 Months of Schooling

  • Small class ratios (1:5)

  • Ontario Certified Teachers

  • Specialized Support Staff

  • More in-class learning time provides increased consistency

  • Educational plans customized to each child's learning style

  • Personalized programming gives students ownership of their own learning



Private school tuition for Pathways is only slightly higher than day care costs, and provides stimulation, instruction and constructive activities. Overall, enrolling your children in private school will save you money that may have been spent on expensive tutoring or day care centres, while providing students with an enriched learning experience.


At Pathways Centre for Education Private School, students receive individual monitoring and academic assistance. Learning problems or trouble subjects can be discovered early on, and a student can access extra help on campus without seeking out third party tutors or centres to aid learning disabilities, which can also be expensive and difficult to plan around.

What's Included?

In addition to low costs & ratios, individual monitoring and academic assistance, all school supplies are included in the tuition fee structure. The School Agenda, pencils, crayons, books, and any other associated school supplies are all included in the Tuition. It is expected that all students utilize only the materials provided by the school throughout the school day. 

Extra Academic Time

11 months of school is a regular academic school session at Pathways. School begins in September and finishes at the end of July. This provides for a one month rest before returning back for the start of the school year in September. 


Pathways Centre for Education does not host Professional Activity (P.A.) Days. There will be days during which staff participate in a number of professional learning areas in support of student learning, and achievement, equity, and student well-being. However, there will not be a day off for students to accommodate this time.

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