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MAY 24, 2024 - Pathways Centre for Education Private School today announced that the school will be expanding it’s educational offerings with a new Kindergarten Program beginning in September, 2024. (Keswick, ON)


The school, known for its commitment to academic achievement and holistic development, is proud to announce the opening of its new kindergarten program, set to commence in the upcoming school year. This strategic expansion aims to provide young learners with a solid foundation for their educational journey, aligning with the school's mission to nurture and develop well-rounded individuals.


Enhancing Early Childhood Education

Recognizing the critical importance of early childhood education, Pathways has developed a comprehensive kindergarten curriculum designed to foster cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in a supportive and engaging environment. Our program is crafted to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and instill a love for learning from an early age.


Commitment to Academic Excellence

At Pathways, we understand that the early years are crucial for setting the stage for future academic success. Our kindergarten program is built upon the same principles of academic rigor and personalized instruction that have made our school a leader in education. By integrating play-based learning with structured academic activities, we ensure that our young students develop essential skills in literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking.


Focus on Holistic Development

In addition to academic readiness, our kindergarten program places a strong emphasis on the holistic development of each child. Through a variety of activities, including art, music, physical education, and social interaction, we aim to nurture the whole child. Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child feels valued and supported.


Preparation for Lifelong Learning

The introduction of our Kindergarten program is a natural extension of our educational philosophy, which prioritizes preparing students not only for the next grade level but for a lifetime of learning and achievement. By starting their educational journey with us, children benefit from a seamless transition into our elementary program, where they will continue to thrive in a familiar and supportive setting.


About Pathways

Pathways has a tradition of providing education that emphasizes academic excellence, character development, and a strong sense of community. With a commitment to fostering lifelong learners, we offer a robust curriculum, dedicated faculty, and a supportive environment that prepares students to excel in all aspects of life.


For more information about our new Kindergarten program or Kindergarten Readiness Program, visit our website here



We are excited to embark on this new chapter and look forward to partnering with parents to provide the best possible start for their children's educational journey.


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