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High-quality, evidence-based, educational programming
that is designed to be as unique as the individuals we service.

Pathways Centre for Education is designed for those students who are classroom competent and working at an academic level, this model delivers programming to learners between grade Kindergarten and grade eight according to The Ontario Curriculum. 

Each child will receive an Individual Education Plan with teachers who are Ontario certified and specialize in teaching children with developmental/neurological disabilities.

This format for teaching emphasizes well-developed and carefully planned lessons utilizing Direct and Differentiated Instruction, anxiety management, and preventative antecedent reinforcement schedules. Lessons and programs are individualized to assist students to develop core foundational skills in reading, writing, mathematics and technology.

Computer Class

Our comprehensive service team includes decades of management and supervision training, Ontario Certified Teachers, Master of Education, Disability Studies graduate level degrees and ABA/IBI Behavior Therapists/Educational Assistants.

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